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An Israeli Arab oriental restaurant named after the father of the family "Khaled Adoi". With over 30 years of reputation in the city of Haifa, we specialize in traditional flavors with modern additions. We know that ordinary people with families are looking for a good place for a delicious meal in a pleasant atmosphere, and we are proud to provide this. Our service is friendly and professional, and our restaurant is also suitable for hosting groups, couples and business meetings.

Our restaurant menu provides a delicious and spectacular experience. With a variety of fresh salads prepared on site every day, and flagship dishes such as fried chicken (family recipe), Araais, Halbi Kebab, Maklouba, Majadara (family recipe) and more..., you can enjoy our wonderful flavors.

And it's not just a meal you get with us, but a full meal experience. We serve fresh handmade hummus from a family recipe of 3 generations, and at the end of the meal you are invited to have tea or coffee on the house

If you want to eat at home, at work or anywhere else, we offer delivery services for you. If you want to enjoy the flavors of the restaurant at home, just choose from our delivery menu and we will get to you quickly and with attention,The delivery menu is different from the restaurant menu due to delivery constraints!

We are proud to offer an original and quality food experience at fair prices! At Khaled Adoi, we make sure to preserve the delicious tradition of Middle Eastern cuisine, while at the same time bringing new and creative items to your table.

So come and visit us at the Khaled Adoi restaurant in Haifa and enjoy an amazing dining experience. We are waiting to host you and bring you our delicious flavors.

מסעדת חאלד עדוי
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